If you’ve used Amazon webservices much at all you’ll probably have come across their DNS service route53. This offers very competitively priced DNS hosting on the Amazon cloud.

To install:

$ pip install cli53

The first step everyone migrating commonly goes through is getting their existing zones into the system. Invariably these are in the industry-standard bind format, but route53 uses its own format.

cli53 assists in offering easy import of bind format zones:

$ cli53 import --file zonefile.txt

The majority of route53 functionality is supported. Historically there wasn’t a nice shiny web interface for all this functionality, so cli53 filled that gap. Now there’s plenty of utility in being able to automate operations - for scripting repetitive operations, or automating DNS updates.

create a zone:

$ cli53 create

create a record:

$ cli53 rrcreate www A --ttl 3600

And tons more functionality - check out full docs on github.